ISO 939:2021 pdf download - Spices and condiments — Determination of moisture content

ISO 939:2021 pdf,Spices and condiments — Determination of moisture content.

ISO 939 specifies an entrainment method for the determination of the moisture content of spices and condiments.
10 Test report

The test report shall show the method used and the result obtained.It shall also mention all operatingconditions not specified in this document,or regarded as optional,as well as any circumstances thatmay have influenced the result.
The report shall include all details required for complete identification of the sample. Error due to environmental conditions
The ambient temperature fluctuation should be as low as possible,and direct sunlight should beavoided,to minimize the influence on the tank's measurement system and to reduce the creation ofthermal convection currents.
Electromagnetic interference generated by drive units and drive unit controls such as frequencyconverters and power rails,especially if these are located directly on the tow carts,may have aninfluence on the device under test and sensitive electronic devices.
Magnetic inductive flow meters may be affected by ferro magnetic structures like steel beams orreinforced concrete in the near surrounding.