ISO 22868:2021 pdf download - Forestry and gardening machinery

ISO 22868:2021 pdf download.Forestry and gardening machinery — Noise test code for portable hand-held machines with internal combustion engine — Engineering method (Grade 2 accuracy).

ISO 22868 specifies a noise test code for determining, efficiently and under standardized conditions, the common noise emission characteristics of portable, hand-held, combustion engine powered forest and garden machines, and specific requirements for chain-saws, brush-cutters, grass-trimmers, edgers, pole-mounted powered pruners, hedge-trimmers and garden blowers/vacuums/knapsack mist blowers. Noise emission characteristics include the A-weighted emission sound pressure level at the operator position and the A-weighted sound power level.

The artificial surface shall be placed on a hard,reflecting surface at the centre of the test environmentand shall have a size of at least 3,6 m x 3,6 m.The construction of the supporting structure shall besuch that the requirements for acoustic properties are met with the absorbing material in place.Thestructure shall support the test set up such that compression of the absorbing material is avoided.
6.3 Requirements for natural ground surface
The ground at the centre of the test site shall be flat and have good sound absorbing properties.Thesurface shall be either forest ground or grass,with the grass or other organic material having a height of(50±20)mm.
7 Testing and operating conditions
Measurements shall be carried out on a new,normal production machine fitted with standardequipment in accordance with the instruction handbook.
The engine and the machine shall be run in prior to the test in accordance with the manufacturer'sinstructions.The engine shall be at normal stable operating temperature before the test is started.
The carburettor shall be set to give the specific machine conditions required by the correspondingannex of this document.