BS EN 12697-14:2020 pdf download

BS EN 12697-14:2020 pdf download.Bituminous mixtures一Test methods Part 14: Water content.

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Solvents used In this document shall be capable of dissolving bitumen and distilling the solution to recover the water present. The solvents shall not decompose in water and shall have a boiling point of not more than 85 C to prevent the water from boiling.
NOTE Currently all hydrocarbon solvents are regarded as hazardous’ and enveronrnentally unfriendly’ to varying degrees.
Until such time as there is an agreed CEN policy with regard to their usage, each member state should specify its preferred solvent taking into account the Montreal Protocol and views of its own Regulatory Bodies (see also “Warning in the European loreword).
When trichioroethylene is recovered by distillation for further use, care should be taken to ensure that the solvent still conforms to the appropriate requirements. In particular, acidity may develop and a useful precaution is to store the solvent over calcium oxide In coloured glass or suitable metal containers.
The solvent should be checked regularly to ensure that It Is dry”.
The method consists 01 preheating a probe attached to a temperature measuring device before measuring the temperature at stated depths in a number of locations while the asphalt is in one of several different places and then calculating the average.