BS EN 60904-4:2009 pdf download

BS EN 60904-4:2009 pdf download.Photovoltaic devices— Part 4: Reference solar devices — Procedures for establishing calibration traceability.

a) Component of uncertainty arising from random effects (Type A).
b) Component of uncertainty arising from systematic effects (Type B).
Nevertheless a full uncertainty analysis has to be performed for the implementation of the calibration method by a particular laboratory.
6 Calibration report
The calibration report shall conform to the requirements of lSO!IEC 17025 and shall normally include at least the following information:
a) title (e.g. Calibration Certificat&);
b) name and address of laboratory, and location where the tests and/or calibrations were carried out, if different from the address of the laboratory;
c) unique identification of the report (such as serial number) and of each page. the total number of pages and the date of issue;
d) name and address of the client placing the order;
e) description and unambiguous identification of the item(s) tested or calibrated;
f) date of receipt of calibration item(s) and date(s) of performance of test or calibration, as appropriate:
g) calibration results including the temperature of the device at which the calibration was performed:
h) reference to sampling procedures used by the laboratory where these are relevant to the validity or application of the results;
i) the name(s), title(s) and signature(s) or equivalent identification of person(s) authorising the report;
j) where relevant, a statement to the effect that the results relate only to the items tested or calibrated.
7 Marking
The calibrated reference solar device shall be marked with a serial number or reference number and the following information attached or provided on an accompanying certificate:
a) date of (actual or present) calibration.