BS EN 15767-2:2009 pdf download

BS EN 15767-2:2009 pdf download.Portable equipment for projecting extinguishing agents supplied by fire fighting pumps —— Portable monitors Part 2: Water nozzles.

5 Testing and verification
5.1 General
All tests shall be done with water only.
Unless otherwise specified. tests shall be carried out at the reference pressure PR in the following order.
NOTE Guidance for acceptance tests on dehvery is given in Annex A.
5.2 Jet spray angle measurement
Arrange the water nozzle on a fixed support in a horizontal position 1.5 m above the ground. in a zone where the wind speed is lower than 2 rn/s.
Arrange a rule perpendicular to the flow at a distance of 1 m. This rule shall be marked in order to determine the spray angle.
5.3 Heat and frost test
5.3.1 Sensitivity to heat
It shall be possible to use the water nozzle without restricting its function after it has been stored for 24 h at (55±2)°C.
NOTE Hand protection should be used when carrying out this test.
5.3.2 SensitIvity to frost
The water nozzle shall be disconnected following operation for 1 mm at the reference pressure PR. It shall then be drained for 1 mm and stored at a temperature of (- 15 ± 2) °C for 30 mm. Following this, it shall still be possible to move the operating elements manually.
NOTE Hand protection is recommended.