BS EN 840-3:2020 pdf download

BS EN 840-3:2020 pdf download.Mobile waste and recycling containers Part 3: Containers with 4 wheels with a capacity up to 1 300 l with dome lid(s), for trunnion and/or comb lfting devices - Dimensions and design.

5.3 The lid(s) shall cover the opening of the container completely. It/they shall be opened easily by the lifting device during the emptying cycle. It/they shall be made with at least two fixing points and have at least one means of opening.
5.4 Handles fitted in front of the trunnion shall have a measurement over the handles of 10mm less than the actual measurement in Table 1, dimensIon N° 33. The handles and their location shall also be designed so that they do not harm the operator.
5.5 lithe container has ribs In the frontal receiver they shall meet the requirements of FIgure 4 and Figure 6.
5.6 The container shall have 4 swivel castors. Each swivel castor shall be capable of withstanding 1/3 of the total permissible mass. Each castor shall meet the requirements of EN 840-5. The container shall have facilities for mounting the castor platine according to at least one of the configurations as shown In Figure 7.
5.7 All the surfaces of the container including design features shall be smooth and free of any foreign bodies or flaws.
5.8 The container should have a drain plug.
5.9 When direction locks are fitted they shall be fixed on at least two castors.
5.10 The container should be fitted with two braked wheels to requirements of EN 840-5. In case of centralized braking and locking system the brake pedal and the lock shall be fixed on a lateral side of the container. The centralized locking shall be able to be unlocked with a standard triangular key as shown in Figure 8. The effectiveness of this centralized braking system shall conform to EN 840-5.
6 Nominal mass
The container shall be constructed strongly enough to carry a mass of 0,4 kg/dm x nominal volume. Containers with a nominal volume of more than 1100 I shall be constructed strongly enough to carry a load of 440 kg.
7 Safety and health requirements
The container shall meet the safety and health requirements according to EN 840-6.
8 Testing
The container shall fulfil the performance requirements and the tests of EN 840-5.