BS EN 352-10:2020 pdf download

BS EN 352-10:2020 pdf download.Hearing protectors一Safety requirements Part 10: Entertainment audio earplugs.

NOTE 1 This requirement corresponds to the maximum output voltage of a personal music player of 150 mV according to EN 62368-1:2014+AC:2015. if the test signal from EN 50332-1:2013 is applied.
NOTE 2 EN 50332-1:2013 and EN 50332-2:2013 contain the test procedures for the maximum sound pressure levels of personal music players. Entertainment audio earplugs with built-in Bluetooth receivers
The procedure from EN 13819-3:2019, 7.5.2 shall be used. The sound output levels are determined for the Bluetooth signal defined in EN 13819-3:2019, Complete systems composed of transmitters and entertainment audio earplugs
EN 13819-3:2019, 5.2 or5.3 and 6.5 shall be used. The transmitting, receiving and amplil’ing devices shall be adjusted to maximum setting.
5 Marking
The marking specified in EN 352-2:2020 shall be used. No additional marking is needed.
6 Manufacturer’s instructions and information
The information specified in EN 352-2:2020 and the following additional information shall be supplied with the earplugs:
a) a reference to this document EN 352-10:2020;
b) an indication that the earplugs provide an entertainment audio facility;
c) for products without electrical audio input, a statement that the earplugs provide audio signal sound pressure level limitation and that the earplugs limit the entertainment audio signal to 82 dB(A) effective to the ear.