BS 6173:2020 pdf download

BS 6173:2020 pdf download.Installation and maintenance of gas-fired catering appliances for usein all types of catering establishments(2nd and 3rd family gases)-

3.4 demand-based ventilation
mechanical ventilation system which operates at variable rates determined by the varying demand placed on the ventilation system at different times
3.5 downstream
that part of a gas installation after a certain point in the direction of the flow of gas
3.6 flexible connection
corrugated metallic flexible hose (braided or unbraided) with a protective hygienic cover and appropriate end fittings, including self-sealing socket and matching plug, which facilitates the connection of an appliance to an installation pipe such that the appliance can be moved a short distance to permit connection and disconnection
3.7 interlock
purpose-provided safety device or system to prevent the supply of gas to appliances if the mechanical ventilation system is not operating at a pre-determined level
3.8 mechanIcal extract system
system in which mechanical means are used to remove (extract) products ol combustion and cooking fumes, but air is not supplied by mechanical means
3.9 mechanical ventilation system
ventilation system in which mechanical means are used to supply air to and extract products of combustion and fumes from the catering space
3.10 moveable appliance
appliance fitted with purpose-provided means of mobility
NOTE This includes wheels or castors,for cleaning and servicing.
3.11 previously-used appliance
appliance that has changed ownership (with or without payment) or one that has changed location from one site to another
3.12 restraining device
device that prohibits movement of the appliance beyond the maximum allowable distance as related to the length of the flexible hose/connection assembly
3.13 upstream
that part of a gas installation prior to a certain point on the downstream flow of gas.