BS 8446:2020 pdf download

BS 8446:2020 pdf download.Installation and maintenance of open-flued, non-domestic gas-fired laundry appliances -Specification.

3.3 appliance flexible connector
pipe with appropriate connector ends, designed to have a high degree of flexibility to facilitate the connection of a gas appliance to an installation pipe and allow the appliance to be moved a short distance without the need for disconnection
3.4 braid
layer(s) of cylindrically woven wires covering the hose
3.5 commissioning
process carried out to place and/or put a gas-fired appliance into operation
NOTE Commissioning is done in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.
3.6 dIlution
mixture olair, products of combustion and lint
3.7 dry cleaner
appliance in which laundry is processed using solvents
NOTE The solvent usually used in dry cleaning is toxic tetrachlorriethylene (perchloraethylene), commonly called “percor PERC.
3.8 drying load capacity
maximum weight that a gas-fired laundry appliance is capable of accepting for each load NOTE The drying load capacity Is specified by the manufacturer.
3.9 exhaust duct
pipe used to transmit products of combustion and lint, together with the supersaturated warm drying air, to the outside atmosphere
3.10 exhaust products
gaseous mixture of air, water vapour, products of combustion and lint removed as a result of exhaust venting
3.11 exhaust venting
process of removing moist air, including products of combustion and lint, from an appliance in a room or internal space directly to the outside atmosphere
3.12 flexible exhaust connection
final flexible connection for easy fitting and removal of the appliance, suitable for carrying the temperatures of operation and ideally no more than 500 mm.