BS EN 840-6:2020 pdf download

BS EN 840-6:2020 pdf download.Mobile waste and recycling containers Part 6: Safety and health requirements.

6.3 The wheels on all containers shall have a nominal diameter of 200 mm. Wheels of nominal diameter of 160 mm on four.wheeled containers as well as larger wheels on two-wheeled containers are optional, as long as pushing forces are not exceeded (see 4.3).
6.4 All wheels or castors shall be constructed to resist static and dynamic stress. e.g. by rolling against kerbstones (test according to EN 840-5).
6.5 II castor-mounting brackets are used they shall not protrude beyond the widest part of the container body.
7 Direction block
When direction blocks are fitted on containers with 4 wheels they shall be fitted to at least two wheels.
8 Brakes
8,1 When brakes are fItted on containers with 4 wheels they shall be fitted to at least 2 wheels.
8.2 The brakes shall he adlustable or self-compensating and capable of retaining the container on a minimum slope ol ten degrees to the horizontal.
8.3 Brakes shall he capable of being used easily by the operator.
8.4 llcontalners are fitted with a central brake locking system It shall be possible to secure IL against unauthorised unlocking.
8,5 The brakes shall be tested according to EN 840-5:2020,4.9.4.
9 Edges
9.1 The container shall nor have any sharp edges (a radius less than 1,4 mm).
9.2 All edges which may be used for manoeuvring shall be rounded so that nobody can be injured.
10 Lids
10.1 To avoid the danger of crushed fingers when closing the lid, dome lids shall have a safety clearance to the front edge of at least 35mm. The gap shall be closed by an elastic material,
flat lids shall not injure fingers.
10.2 Containers with dome lids shall be provided with a mechanism to hold the lid open automatically and prevent it from accidentally closing.
10.3 Containers with assisted lids shall be provided with a device to ensure that the container lid cannot cause injury by its movement.