BS EN 13108-3:2006 pdf download

BS EN 13108-3:2006 pdf download.Bituminous mixtures ——Material specifications——Part 3: Soft Asphalt.

- European Standard;
— European Technical Approval;
specifications for materials based on a demonstrable history of satisfactory use in asphalt. Evidence shall be provided on their suitability. This evidence may be based on research combined with evidence from practice.
NOTE In the Etropean asphalt industry it is conwnon pracXe to use additives ice inorganic or organic fibres. pigments, waxes etc., wtiich are not covered by a European Standard or ETA. This European Standard allows the use of those malerials
4.2 Binder
4.2.1 General
The binder shall be paving grade bitumen or a modified bitumen. The paving grade bitumen shall conform to EN 12591 and the modified bitumen to EN 14023.
4.2.2 SelectIon of binder
The grade of the bitumen, the type and grade of modified bitumen shall be as specified.
In case of a paving grade bitumen the grade shall be selected from the grades between 2501330 and 6501900 orVi 500 and V12 000 inclusively.
NOTE 1 Given the wide variety of rates, traffic loads, used materials etc. it can be necessary to select on a regional level specific binders
When modified bitumen Is used to improve properties that are not covered by the empirical specification additional proof shall be provided. This proof shall be delivered through investigation using standards in the EN 12697 series, that the modified bitumen is suitable for improving the desired functional characteristics, The proof may be based on earlier research.
NOTE 2 EN 14023 m a grading system and is only meant to characlansa the modified bitumen. The modeled bitumen specifications are not funcbonally based, and it is not possthle to combine these specifications with empincal asphalt specifications to demonstrate functional behaviour. The proof reqwred wouid normaly be a Type Testing on a similar mixture incorporahog the modified binder showing fuffilment of the relevant property The grade of the bitumen, the type and grade of the modified bitumen may be selected.