BS EN 14383-1:2006 pdf download

BS EN 14383-1:2006 pdf download.Prevention of crime ——Urban planning and building design— Part 1: Definition of specific terms.

designing out crime
process in which crime problems are tackled, prevented and/or reduced through urban planning and building design
area of a town with its own look, giving itacertain unity
NOTE Districts can be identified by their use (administrative, business, trade districts), their place (north, south, on the outskirts), the historical or architectural characteristics (old or new districts), or socio-economic factors.
self-contained living space
fear of crime
justified or unjustified fear of personally becoming a victim of crime
housing development
group of dwellings, either single units or blocks of flats, built in a defined area
informal guardian
individual (not being specially trained to protect other civilians) who, during the course of daily activity uses his presence and powers of observation to deter criminal activity, and reports incidents to the relevant authority for action to be taken.