BS EN 14561:2006 pdf download

BS EN 14561:2006 pdf download.Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics —— Quantitative carrier test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity for instruments used in the medical area —— Test method and requirements.

If additional test organisms are used, they shall be incubated under optimum growth conditions (temperature, time, atmosphere, media) noted in the test report. If the additional test organisms selected do not correspond to the specified strains, their suitability for supplying the required inocula shall be verified. If these additional test organisms are not classified at a reference centre, their identification characteristics shall be stated. In addition, they shall be held by the testing laboratory or national culture collection under a reference for five years.
5.2.2 Culture media and reagents General
All weights of chemical substances given in this European Standard refer to the anhydrous salts. Hydrated forms may be used as an alternative, but the weights required shall be adjusted to allow for consequent molecular weight differences.
The reagents shall be of analytical grade and/or appropriate for microbiological purposes. They shall be free from substances that are toxic or inhibitory to the test organisms.
NOTE 1 To improve reprodudbity, it is recommended that commercially availab’e dehydrated material is used for the preparation of culture media. The manufacturer’s instructions relating to the preparation of these products should be rigorously followed.
NOTE 2 For each culture medium and reagent a limitation for use should be fixed. Water
The water shall be freshly glass distilled water and not demineralized water.
Sterilize in the autoclave (5.3.1).
NOTE 1 Sterilization is not necessary if the water is used — e.g. for preparation of culture media — and subsequently sterilized.
NOTE 2 II distilled water of adequate quality is not available, water for injections (see bibliographic reference ) can be used.
NOTE 3 See for the procedure to prepare hard water.