BS EN 14893:2006 pdf download

BS EN 14893:2006 pdf download.LPG equipment and accessories —— Transportable Liquefied PetroleumGas (LPG) welded steel pressure drums with a capacity between 150 litres and 1 000 litres.

For drums intended to contain LPG that complies with the limitation on corrosive contaminants specified in Iso 9162. and which is supplied to a national or international standard or other equivalent specification, no internal corrosion allowance is required.
As drums are protected against external corrosion in accordance with 9.1, no external corrosion allowance is required.
The weld joint coefficient for the material used and the level of non-destructive testing to be adopted shall be selected in accordance with Table 2.
The drum shall be designed to withstand pressure, temperature and vacuum conditions in accordance with 5.2.1, 5.2.2 and 52.3 and support loadings in accordance with 5.4.
Where necessary to reduce stress concentrations, attachments to the drum shall be welded using a backing plate. A fully detailed, dimensional drawing shall be produced.
5.2 Design conditions
5.2.1 Calculation pressure
The drum shall be designed for a calculation pressure not less than the test pressure of 30 bar.
5.2.2 DesIgn temperature
Generally the design temperature range shall be —20 C to 50 °C. However, where temperatures lower than —20 °C are envisaged, the manufacturer shall demonstrate that the material from which the pressure containing parts of drum are constructed shall have properties suitable for a range of temperatures —40 °C to 50 °C in accordance with a recognised pressure vessel standard or specification, e.g. EN 13445-2.
5.2.3 Vacuum conditions
The drum shall be designed to withstand a minimum internal pressure of 0,1 bar absolute.
NOTE 1 This requirement can be demonstrated by meeting the requirements of a recognised pressure vessel standard such as EN 13445-3.
NOTE 2 This requirement ensures that the drum will withstand vacuum conditions generated by the p’oduct dunng operation or by normal maintenance.