BS EN 14957:2006 pdf download

BS EN 14957:2006 pdf download.Food processing machinery — Dishwashing machines with conveyor - Safetyand hygiene requirements.

4.6 Hazards generated by neglecting hygiene principles in machine design
The major risk Is the accumulation of tood soils inside the processing zones 01 the d.shwashlng machine, eg. filters, tanks. which can lead to growth of micro-organisms.
NOTE Hazards 01 potable weler network pollution are dealt with by EN 1717 or EN 61770.
4.7 Hazards generated by neglecting ergonomic principles
Risk of Injury or chronic damage to the body resulting from harmful body postures ding operation (loading,
unloading), cleaning (racks, filters, access doors) and during the hand loading of dosing devices and dispensers
4.8 Hazard from loss of stability
Impact or crushing hazard if the machine topples over
5 Safety and hygiene requirements andlor protective measures
5.1 General
Machinery shall comply with the safety requirements and/or protective measures of this clause. In addition, the machine shall be designed according to the principles of EN ISO 12100-2 for relevant but not significant hazards, which are not dealt with by this document.
For hazards which are to be reduced by the application of the type B-standards such as EN 294. EN 349. EN ISO 13732.1, EN 614-1, EN 953, EN 954-1, EN 1088, EN 1760-2, EN 60204-I, EN 60529, CLCITS 61496-2, EN ISO 3744, EN ISO 4871 and EN ISO 11201, the manufacturer shall carry out a risk assessment to establish the requirements of the type B-standard. This specific risk assessment shall be part of the general risk assessment of the machine.
When interlocking devices are referred to in Clause 5. they should preferably be position defectors with positive opening contact complying with the recommendations of standard EN 1088:1995, 4.2.1 (interlocking without guard locking) and Clauses 5 and 6. However, due to practical reasons (e.g. cleaning), magnetic switches (reed switches) in accordance with EN 1088, are allowed. The related parts of the control system shall be not less than category 1 in accordance with EN 954-1:1996.
Guards shall comply with IN 953:1997, especially Clauses 6 and 7.
Except where otherwise provided. Interlocking shall be control Interlocking as defined In EN 1088:1995, 41.1. Manually operated control devices of the disliwashing machines shall be located out of the hazardous zones.