BS EN 417:2003 pdf download

BS EN 417:2003 pdf download.Non-refillable metallic gas cartridges for liquefied petroleum gases, with orwithout a valve, for use with portable appliances ——

Construction, inspection,testing and marking.
4.4.1 Valve design General requirements for every type of valve
Cartridges with valves shall be either:
a) ol such a design that it 15 not possible to operate the valve without the use of a special adaptor b; or
NOTE The connection on the appliance with wtiich the gas cartridge is designed to be used may be considered as a special adaptor.
b) provided with adequate protection against inadvertent discharge.
The valves shall be of such a design that, under conditions of normal use, they close when the special adaptor is removed or the valve released. Valves which close by means of internal gas pressure only are not permitted.
After 50 opening and closing operations. the valve shall not show signs of leakage or other defects (see 6.6).
The valve cup, if any. shall be free from burrs and sharp edges Cartridges fitted with threaded centre boss valve cups The valve cup shall be made from carbon or alloy steel of suitable unilorm quality, which may be coated, (e.g. hot-dipped tinplate). The valve or closure shall be one of the following types:
— type 1: Female valve (see 3.12) mounled in a double layer. threaded centre boss valve cup:
— type 2: Male valve (see 3.13) mounted Wi a double layer, threaded centre boss valve cup:
— type 3: Female valve (see 3.12) mounted In a single layer. threaded centre boss vaNe cup (see annex A):
— type 4: Male valve (see 3.13) mounted wi a single layer, threaded centre boss valve cup (see annex A).
NOTE For mshwig to avoid a sudden change In the rule of operation of EN 4t7, the CEN’ST?TF 14 decIded that specitlcations related to single layer valves (type 3 and 4) be moved in an informative annex (annex A) and remain in force durwig a transitional period of five years after the pubicatiori of the revised slandard.